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In today’s time of extensive marketing and consumer awareness, Brand Management has acquired a prominent place in the business world. For the aspirants interested in making a career in Brand Management, Mantrin Institute has introduced a course in brand management. Now, learn Brand management from the best of industry, with a curriculum specially designed to make you industry ready.

Our course in Brand Management will offer the students a comprehensive understanding of various practical and applicable aspects of marketing, brand management and an understanding of different types of markets, competition, buyer behaviour and brand building.

After the course, a student will have a sound understanding of the concept of segmentation, targeting, positioning differentiating, pricing and branding strategies which are necessary to design effective marketing and branding strategies for an organisation.

Who can apply ?

  • Product managers, service managers and others who are responsible for marketing products and services of their organisation.
  • Marketing managers and sales managers with revenue generation responsibilities.
  • Professionals who have recently taken on a marketing role or aspire for a career in marketing and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the domain.
  • Business managers and others wishing to learn more about the role of their brand in the marketing.
  • Brand managers responsible for managing the function.
  • Leaders who want to become more knowledgeable about effective marketing and brand management strategies.
  • Business owners who want to give a global outlook to their brand.
  • Brand managers responsible for managing the function.
  • Final year MBA students actively looking for a campus placement.

This course provides a thorough understanding of brand management and the role a clear strategy plays in the success and sustainability of a brand. With our classes on Brand Management, you will gain a thorough knowledge of the techniques and insights needed to plan, create, and maintain a healthy, purpose-led brand. You will also develop an appreciation of leading brands and gain skills and insights to form effective value-driven strategies.

Course Detail
  • Insight to Advertising and Marketing
  • Brand positioning and branding mix
  • Brand communications
  • Brand audit
  • Introduction to Printing & Packaging
  • Live training sessions
  • Interactive/Motivational Session
  • Guest Lectures from the best names in the Industry

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