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What is IELTS, its Modules and Exam Pattern?

31 Jul 2020

IELTS stands for International English language Testing. It is not an overwhelming concept rather a standardised test meant to check our knowledge and proficiency towards a non-native language. The initial step to begin your process for going places. It is a compulsory examination taken by thousands of people annually, who wish to study or settle abroad. Don’t know what is included within the examination you are signing up for? Then you have come to the right place!


IELTS exam is split into two modules:

1. ACADEMIC MODULE: This module is meant for those who aim to apply for universities and institutions for higher education or professional courses to check the fluency of the candidate for the desired English-speaking country.

2. GENERAL TRAINING MODULE: Those who plan to engage in non-academic training or wish to gain work experience and for basic immigration purposes, need to undertake the general training module for testing the applicant’s proficiency with the language.

Distinct tests are offered by IELTS test partners called IELTS life skills. This test needs to be taken by those who wish to apply for UK citizenship.


An IELTS Exam takes a total time of 2 hours and 45 minutes which incorporates four segments.

• IELTS Speaking: It is an interview which takes place face to face with the examiner and the candidate. This test takes about 10-15 minutes which includes an interview - personal introduction, a conversation about a certain topic followed by a discussion with the examiner.

• IELTS Listening: This segment takes about 40 minutes. This test includes a conversation between two speakers and a single speaker. Once the conversation has ended, some questions are given on the basis of the above conversation taken place. Each section is only heard once. Grammar is significantly taken into consideration. Marks can be lost for incorrect grammar.

• IELTS Reading: This segment is divided into the academic module and general training module. This test lasts about an hour. The academic segment is given reading texts from magazines, journals, and newspapers. The general training segment contains reading various short texts in different sections. Grammar and spelling words play a crucial role here.

• IELTS Writing: This segment takes about an hour to be executed. Test 1 is given on an academic basis in which the candidate is asked to write about 150 words in about 20 minutes describing charts, maps, or diagrams in their own words. Test 2 takes about 40 minutes in which the candidate is asked to write 250 words about a specific point of view or a certain argument.

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