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Tips & Tricks for Best Photography | Mantrin Institute

21 Feb 2020

It’s easier now than before to get started with photography. You can dive in and start clicking anything that attracts your interest since the technical barrier to photography has been extremely reduced. Are you interested to learn this skill from scratch? Come to MantrinInsitute, the best photography institute in Chandigarh that can help you learn the nuances of photography under the guidance of experts.

Whether you are looking to learn some updated photography techniques or have already been shooting for a while and want to master some of your old techniques, the top photography institute in Chandigarh is here to help. Till the time you are juggling between thoughts of whether to join or not, we have listed below some of the best photography tips and techniques to enlighten yourself.

1. Keep both of your eyes open when looking through the rangefinder

When keeping both eyes open to let you monitor what’s out of your frame so you can decide accordingly when your subject will enter the frame. This is crucial for capturing sports elements, wildlife, and all kinds of action shots.

2. Master to use exposure compensation

Sometimes you’ll take photographs that don’t perfectly expose your subject—they are sometimes too bright, or at times it’s too dark. You can immediately fix these images by using the in-camera exposure compensation to make your subject look just right and master the art of photography.

3. Change your angle for better results

Most of us identify all things from about five and a half feet from the ground, but if your photograph only at eye level, things can look super boring. You can learn photography in Chandigarh's best institute to experiment with different angles to discover new perspectives always.

4. Always pay attention to the depth of field

To add another extent to your composition, be attentive to the depth of the field. In photography, Depth of field is the relation of how fine the plane of focus is as compared to everything away from that plane.

5. Learn the rule

The rules for Photography are fundamental because they provide a groundwork for more advanced photography tips and tricks later on.

Mantrin Institute, known as the top photography institute in Chandigarh offers a range of courses from basic to a pro-level. Our photography course is specially designed by top industry professionals-turned-academicians. The dedication of our staff members and their love for photography makes the Mantrin Institute rare in all aspects. Expand your creative potential and capture the images you have always dreamt of by joining our photography courses now! For more information, visit:

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