Time ManagementTips for IELTS Reading Test | Mantrin Institute

Time Management Tips for IELTS Reading Test | Mantrin Institute

26 Jun 2020

Let’s be honest. It is not easy to go through long passages and then answer questions within an hour. Yes, we are talking about the IELTS Reading Test here. As we all know, the IELTS General Reading section has three sections, each containing one long passage and 40 questions in total. All of which has to be completed within 60 minutes only! This puts candidates in a fix whether to spend more time reading or more time answering the questions or both. Not to worry. Time management is the best solution and further, helps to attain a high band score in IELTS Reading Test. It is one of the little skills that usually doesn’t strike the mind but crucial to scoring well. Mentioned below are the time management tips by the Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh- Mantrin Institute that can work wonders and increase the likelihood of passing the exam in the first attempt.

1. Scan through the questions

Before you start reading lengthy passages, make sure that you go through the questions. This is really effective in saving time, as you will know where to spend more time to find your answers.

2. Always begin with the easiest text

If you start with the text that is easiest like the first section, you’ll probably spend less time on it and have more time left for the difficult ones.

3. Underline key points

By this we mean the important facts, date, or any other details found in the passage while reading. This again helps save time while answering the questions.

4. Read the introduction and conclusion first, body at the end

Your approach should be to go through the introduction and conclusion part of the passage. This is mostly where you will get the important information. A few paragraphs of the body can rather be skipped to save time and efforts.

5. Try working on increasing speed

Reading 400 words per minute are tough but not impossible. The practice is all that matters. If you are able to achieve this, you will be in a good position to attempt all three passage within less time.

6. Reading every sentence and word is not required

Skimming is the word to stick by while reading the passage. An effective technique to get a general idea and thereafter answer questions quickly.

Hope these time management tips take the pressure off. If you are looking for professional help for IELTS Academic Test Preparation, reach out to Mantrin Institutee. The curriculum is a fine blend of theory and practice with lectures from the top IELTS Exam Experts in North India. For more information, please visit our IELTS Institute in Sector-34 Chandigarh or call+91-9888077746.

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