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5 Simple Tricks to Crack IELTS Modules – Mantrin Institute

24 Jul 2020

IELTS (International English language testing system) is a standardised test that is taken by thousands of people every year who are seeking to go abroad for higher education or work experience. IELTS exam checks the applicant’s proficiency in a non-native language through a series of assessments. Though taken by many but only a few end up scoring a good band and most of them do not even clear the exam. This can be pressurising. Not to worry! We will provide some easy tips and tricks which will help you crack the test with utmost ease without any pressure. Here are some tips to increase your IELTS writing bands.


Before going through any exam, you should always know what you are signing up for. The exam format is a very important aspect to be kept in mind. How will the exam be taken? What will be presented in front of me should be the very first questions one should ask oneself while preparing for an exam.

For an IELTS exam, the format is standard. It is divided into four segments: Listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This entire test takes up about 2 hours and 45 minutes in total.


It doesn’t matter how long who has been speaking the language when it’s the time to test it, the practice still makes a difference. Practising again and again till the day of the test can help you enhance your fluency and make you even more comfortable with your non-native language. For improving your reading skills, read newspapers, books, or anything that appeals to you. Speaking module preparation can be done by reading out loud. This will make your speaking skills stronger. You can also practice speaking by having a conversation in English. Writing skills can also be improved by penning down articles and essays about anything you like.


While giving the writing exam it’s important to understand no matter how many ideas you have in your head, DO NOT OVERWRITE. Time management plays a huge role while giving an IELTS exam. Writing less and finishing on time is way better than writing too much and submitting nothing. It’s also important to understand that when you do not overwrite, you get time to pay attention to your grammar as well.


It does not matter if you cannot pronounce those intimidating and over-complicated words, stick to what you know. In the speaking test, try and speak only those words which you are comfortable with and can pronounce without any difficulty. Because fumbling trying to pronounce a word will make you lose points. When you are fluent, vocabulary hardly matters.


It’s your time to shine, so destroy the shackles of monotony. Bringing variation in the way you speak and also the way you read can create a noticeable difference in your proficiency. Also, go for sentence construction when you are giving your writing test.

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