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About Us

Established in the year 2001, Mantrin began from a humble idea ‘Let us communicate better’. All through these years, Mantrin has curated campaigns and business ideas which have made brands global.

With an experience spanning more than 15 years of handling, maintaining and delivering to an impressive clientele ranging from Education, Healthcare, Real Estate and Lifestyle, Mantrin has learnt a lot from its own experiences and discovered that the market faces a lack in quality content, branding and promotion.

Recognising this need, Mantrin, an Advertising and a Digital marketing agency decided to come up with Mantrin Institute to train creative minds for Graphic Design, Photography and Brand Management. Mantrin Institute will groom graphic designers, photographers and brand managers to take the market, head on.

Our Vision

To train and make students of art, market ready.

Our Mission

To be the sought after institution for learning and mastering, art and marketing

Etymology of Mantrin

MANTRIN (man’te-r1n) is a Sanskrit word meaning a scholar especially within artistic or intellectual circles; a counsellor who guides with his ‘mantras’.

“Mantrin Advertising Agency has been a beautiful journey of 18 years, and Mantrin Institute is a natural expansion area, knowing the fact that skilled professionals are always required in creative industry.

Every year, many interns have come to our organisation in various departments and we noticed that the majority of interns needed better knowledge and understanding in both theory and practical. As the market is evolving, so are its demands. We need to produce and groom better and smart individuals, who are able to cater to the needs of the client in terms of ideation, strategy, communication and creativity. Mantrin institute is more of a business run institute as the students here are getting exposed to real time, on floor environment.

I feel, for a person to grow in life, they need to know various languages as the world is slowly becoming a global village where exchange of ideas takes place on a larger level. People in India are looking at opportunities to migrate to developed countries, similarly various corporates are looking for expansion in our country, hence knowing a foreign language is a must. We have carefully chosen those languages that hold importance globally and help in making one a Global Communicator.

Due to Mantrin’s vast experience as a creative agency, we have reached a stage where we can provide a better exposure to the students.”

Mr. Lalit K Sharma


Ms. Seema Sharma


“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

“I believe that Education is our biggest USP.

I have been associated with leading Management coaching institutions since the beginning of my career. During my tenure with T.I.M.E , IMS and Career Launcher, I was counselling and managing faculties , I always had one aim; to create an institution that not only lays a profound base for education, but also gives wings to those who have it in them to make a name for themselves. Once I realised that being an Educationist is what makes me the happiest, there was no looking back.

Mantrin Institute is a natural expansion area of Mantrin Advertising Agency. We have forayed into courses that will add value in the lives of those who are extremely passionate about creative learning.

At Mantrin Institute, we are a fine blend of theory with practical knowledge, and a 24×7 live project environment that gives us an edge. We envision to create a perfect place where talent is nurtured in the creative fields.

I am certain of the fact that the youth in India needs to be skilled for taking up professional challenges that we face while leading a global life. This is where Mantrin Institute will come into play.”

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